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Sales Engineer

Location: Shenzhen Education: College experience: 1 year or more Salary: Negotiable Recruitment: 5

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the maintenance of old customers and follow up the daily sales work; Achieve annual sales goals
2. Grasp market trends, understand industry customer development trends, actively explore new customers, find new markets;
3. Help customers already cooperate to solve problems and follow up Handle customer complaints, improve customer satisfaction, and establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships;
4. Maintenance of the company's brand image and customer relationship.
5. Complete the tasks and indicators issued by the company.

job requirements:

1. Good facial features and good image quality;
2. Marketing or camera module industry is preferred;
3. Have more than one year of relevant sales experience and market awareness;
4. Love the sales industry and have the courage to challenge;
5. Have strong learning Ability and excellent communication skills;
6, outgoing personality, positive, and courageous to forge ahead.

Production engineer

Location: Shenzhen Education: College experience: 1 year or more Salary: Negotiable Recruitment: 3

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for product structure processing and assembly process document preparation, tooling design, and structural problem handling;
2. Responsible for checking the man-hours of the product assembly process;
3. Responsible for reviewing the structural rationality of the process design and making suggestions for improvement. Submit to the person in charge for handling;
4. Participate in the product structure design review and propose constructive improvements;
5. Debugging equipment applications, such as ultrasonic machines, laser engraving machines, etc .;
6. Continuously improve the production process technology to improve efficiency and quality.

job requirements:

1. Have 2 years or more experience in the same position in the electronics industry, and work experience in the camera module industry is preferred;
2. Able to reassemble and disassemble assembly processes according to product assembly requirements, and verify process hours;
3. Product processing and assembly requirements, design the corresponding processing tooling and assembly tooling;
4, understand the quality system, process standards, familiar with automatic focusing machine, automatic assembly machine, lock machine, dispensing machine is preferred;
5, the production of product SOP And production of operational guidelines, abnormal analysis and processing
6. Responsible work, strong sense of responsibility; have strong communication skills and teamwork spirit, a good sense of teamwork, obey the arrangements of superiors.